Trending Buffet Food Themes For Your Next Private Party In Connecticut

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Selecting an Indian catering service for private parties in Connecticut is one of the most easiest and budget-friendly options. When it comes to hosting a private party, one must always choose a variety of themes and must give more preference to the quality of food being served. Therefore, opting for a buffet setting can prove to be the most economical, trending, and convenient choice.

For private parties, having buffet food tops the list for the most convenient and pocket-friendly options available to serve great quality food to your guests. Refrain from choosing the same old menu comprising butter chicken and tandoori snacks, and opt for more trendier cuisine ideas. It is easy to make poor buffet choices by hiring poorly managed catering services, thus, if you wish to serve your guests with the most lavish spread, it is essential to hire experienced and professional Indian catering services.

If you wish to draw a positive impression and make the vent memorable, serve your guests with unmatched quality of services and buffet themed food items.

Below mentioned is a list of the most trending buffet food themes for your next private party event.

1. Hawaiian Island Buffet Theme: Make your guests delighted by serving hawaiian dishes such as kalua pork, delicate pineapple chicken breasts, veggies with authentic teriyaki glaze, and aromatic polynesian rice. The guests will be mesmerized by the flavourful taste of seasonal fruits such as mangos, pineapples, guavas, papayas, and melons. Apart from this, you can ask your caterers to include various other authentic hawaiian island dishes.

2. Pasta Napolitana Buffet Theme: This theme is more like a live food station theme where the guests can customize their own food dishes and relish the flavors. A wide variety of pastas such as fettuccine, penne, rotini, and spaghetti. Mixed with the choicest pasta sauces such as tomato, marinara, and pesto guests can customize their pasta dishes and enjoy the event. You can also add a combination of salads such as caesar salad, italian herb salad, and many more such items to mesmerize your guests.

3. Suave Southern Table Buffet Theme: Take your guests in the deep southern cities by serving them authentic southern flavors. Everybody will definitely love this hand curated southern table menu comprising of delicacies such as cornbread stuffed exotic quail, ricotta mushrooms, and baby onions. In the end, serve the guests with mouth-watering southern desserts.

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Top Benarasi Dishes To Serve At An Indian Party

The authenticity of Indian food is one that knows no bounds. With a plethora of food options, one can enjoy the banarasi cuisine by hiring Indian caterers in Long Island. One of the most flavorful cuisines of India is the Banarasi (Varanasi) food. Serving this cuisine in your event will definitely impress your guests and take them to the holy waters of the eclectic city of Banaras.

Brushing up on some history, Banaras is the land of evocative watercolors, holy waters, and diverse food. A lot of Indian party caterers offer Banarasi food options that you can serve to your guests. Be it a corporate event or if you are in search of Indian birthday catering services, serving Banarasi food could be the deal-winner for you.

Banaras, earlier known as Varanasi, is one of the most oldest cities in the Indian civilization. It is the holy land of temples, ghats, traditions, and rituals. Another important component of Banarasi cuisine is the Indian paan. Serve your guests with this delicacy as a dessert so they cherish the taste.

At Benaras, along with other authentic and traditional Indian cuisines, we excel in preparing classic Banarasi dishes that you can acquaint your guests with at your event. Our executive chefs will prepare a full-fledged menu that will tingle your taste buds for more. Our extensive menu is a combination of various Indian dishes and flavor palettes emphasising more on the flavors of Western Uttar Pradesh, specifically the city of Banaras.

Below mentioned are the top banarasi dishes that you can ask your Indian party caterer to prepare on your event.

1. Benarasi food combos: You can choose from a wide variety of banarasi food items to serve to your guests. Banaras is famous for its kachori-sabzi combo. This could be served as an appetizer. Other dishes such as bhindi masala, Litti chokha, and laung lata can also be included in the benares food menu.

2. Authentic food medley: Serving traditional food at any event is always a hit. Especially when it is a corporate event. Make your guests experience the Indian food flavors and get mesmerized by the authenticity. Include items like tamatar chaat, chhena dahi badas, bhog bhojan, and the amazing kulhad wali chai.

3. The spice route: Banarasi snacks are one thing that everybody across the globe must try. Whether or not in Banaras, one can always hire an Indian catering service like Benares to get a flavor of the Banarasi spices. Include delicacies like the lassi, golgappe, and chaat in your menu.

4. Soothing desserts: After so much spice, there has to be something that soothes your palette. Banarasi desserts are the most delicious Indian sweet. You can include pedas, makhan malai, and rabri jalebi in the dessert menu, and wrap up the event with the traditional and authentic banarasi paan.

At Benares, we cater according to your choice and preferences of Indian food. We cater for all types of events such as corporate parties, Indian birthday catering, and any other event.

Top Indian Buffet Themes For A Corporate Event In New York

Indian caterers for corporate parties new york

Corporate events can prove to be a deal maker or a deal breaker for any business house. Corporate events are mostly organized to increase the company’s goodwill and make better relations with various investors and big business houses. It serves as the perfect bridge to build friendly business tie ups and international networks. In the last blog we discussed about the common mistakes that should be avoided while hiring a professional catering service. In this blog we will be discussing about the top Indian buffet themes for a corporate event in New York.

It is essential to serve authentic food with great quality in a corporate event. At Benares, we prepare authentic Indian food and offer a variety of food items that you can include in your event. We are expert in organizing Indian catering for corporate events in New York. Not only corporate events, we are also the leading Indian caterers for sweet sixteen birthday parties in Long Island. Employing caterers for organizing food buffets is the simplest yet the most budget-friendly option. Delicious Indian food served piping hot increases the chances of making your corporate event a total hit. At Benares, we offer a plethora of Indian food options that you can add in the menu of your corporate event buffet and impress your business partners as well as your employees.

The choice of menu plays a critical role in making your event successful. Itis important to offer variety and quality at the same time. Items included in a buffet do not have to be boring, routine, and simple. You can plan on exciting indian buffet trends for 2019 and serve your guests with the best.

Below mentioned are the top Indian buffet themes in NYC corporate events.

  1. Flavours of Uttar Pradesh: Uttar Pradesh is the land of flavours. For your corporate event you can decide on a lavish food spread from Western Uttar Pradesh Your employees and business partners will be treated to a distinct style of cuisine if they belong to a different origin. Be it the tanginess of 20 different types of Kashmiri soups, or the Chef Beck’s signature dish the Sevai Tomato Kurma, they will surely be impressed by the Benaras food theme.

  1. Bengali palette: Bengali food is famous all over the world. Serve your guests with this interesting mix of cuisine and surprise them. There is a lot of variety to offer under this particular Indian food theme.

  1. South Indian style: Selecting the South Indian theme could be a refreshing choice to include in your corporate event. If you are considerate about including Indian food in the menu, South Indian style could be ideal choice.

At Benares, we offer an array of food choices that you can select from for your corporate event. We curate the menu with expertise and promise to serve the best food with uncompromised quality.

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Hiring A Corporate Caterer

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Whether it’s a birthday, wedding or corporate event, organizing a party is a stressful task, you need to pay attention to every small detail from creating a festive atmosphere to making your guests comfortable and serving them delicious food. The last thing you could think include mistakes, delays, and unexpected errors, but such things often happen. Among all, catering is the most important aspect of throwing a large corporate party. We, at Benares Caterers offer excellent Indian catering for corporate parties in Connecticut so that you can enjoy your party without being worried about catering services.

However, with wrong catering services, you may end up leaving your guests disappointed and unhappy about the party arrangement especially food and organization. Therefore, make sure your event is catered to the highest professional and reputable caterers of your place. To do that, below we’ve explained common mistakes people make when hiring catering services for corporate parties.

Choosing a company with under-trained staff – Well, not every catering company in the business takes it as seriously as needed. Catering is a highly specialized business, which demands disciplined training. You wouldn’t want to hire people who lack professional training to catering your corporate party. Arrangements such as the transport, setting of the tables, setup of equipment, and preparation of food, require staff who are committed to professionalism and detailed-oriented. Such skills come only if all the stall members went through culinary and logistical training. Most reputable catering companies employ people who are well-trained by good culinary institutions. Therefore, before you commit, make sure to ask the company about their staff training and skills.

Failing to consider ingredients – If you’re planning to hire Indian catering for corporate events in Long Island, ingredients play a crucial role to enhance your food. The caterer you’ve chosen might do everything from presentation to service, but if the food fails to match the expectations, it will leave your guests with disappointments. For this reason, it’s crucial to hire a company that comes with a commitment to the finest ingredients, preparations, and products. Before you take a final decision, make sure the catering company you’re considering knows the importance of quality ingredients for you. Also, ask them from where they get these ingredients and how they prepare the food.

Not being on the same page – You might have liked the menu that caterer has offered to you, but, did they take the initiative to know the type of party you’re planning? Do they know the style, decor, venue, and thematic elements involved in your event? If a company is taking no or little interest in all these details, then you must keep your search going. Go for catering companies that put extra effort to understand the kind of party throwing so that they can offer the best catering services as you like. Finally, choose a company who shows interest in knowing all about your party, and consider a meeting between the caterer and other professionals who will work for your event.

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Hottest Wedding Catering Trends For 2019

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If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding, you must be browsing everywhere online websites, social media channels to local magazines to know the latest wedding catering trends. Let’s say this brings in a lot for the wedding planners and caterers. From bold, vibrant colors, floral installations and unique desert walls- there’s a lot in store. Check out some of the latest trends for wedding catering in 2019.

Seasonal food items – Unsure what all you want cuisines you want for your wedding? Let you wedding date decide this. Seasons are a great inspiration for wedding catering. Have a winter wedding? Stick to hot meal with hearty food items. Your guests would surely love it. Another trend which is in full bloom is the love for Indian food. There might be many Indian caterers for wedding in Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut and NYC. But it’s important you choose your caterer wisely.

Small plates- One trend that we see couples are loving is opting for a menu made up of five to seven smaller dishes than a traditional three course wedding meal. It gives a more luxurious feel to your menu and it can also be very well tailored as per your budget. You can also incorporate your favorite dishes in the menu.

More desserts – It used be that the only desserts you use to get a wedding were a slice of cake with a coffee at the end of the meal. But now that’s changing. A growing trend in desert tables has been seen in last few years.

Food vans – This is a new catering trend for weddings and is a great alternative to traditional wedding catering. Food vans come in versatile shapes, sizes and offer multiple cuisines. Guests just love this new approach of catering. Their growing popularity makes them a great option for outdoor weddings irrespective of what weather it is.

Special counter for kids – If you have lot of kids in your guests, then make life easy for you and for them by having a separate catering counter for them. Chocolate puddings, sweets tarts are obviously children’s favorite but you can go more innovative. Get live pizza counter, a pasta station, and milkshakes are easy ways to impress the little ones.

Interactive food counters – Bring some innovation to food on your big day. Interactive food counters are a great way to make your guests praise the amazing food stations. Build your own pizza or food stations similar to it can be a perfect way to indulge your guests with their food.

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