January 20, 2020

Don’t Settle For Boring; Be Unique And Get Indian Food Catered For Your Next Event

Planning a special occasion or an event involves a lot of details. Sometimes when we go out of our way to plan an event we want to make sure its memorable and special for everyone attending. You might not realize this, but, often times the type of food you serve at an event can really have an impact on your guests mood. You want to serve a food menu that will be pleasing to your guests, but leave them talking about it far after the event is over. It is why if you’re looking to mix it up from the usual and want to try for an Indian catering service in New York City or New Jersey, Benares is there to give your diners a unique experience and flavorful food they have probably never had before.

Indian cuisine is flavorful, and is offered in both vegetarian and non vegetarian options that tends to make it a favorite for a lot of people. With rich flavors, spices, and sides Benares prepares authentic and traditional Indian cuisines that your guests will enjoy sampling, and it is sure to make your event something they won’t forget. With an extensive menu we are sure to have something for everyone to enjoy. We have a wide menu of starters, entrees, and desserts that you can pick from. We can sit down with you and go over your options for your event, to match any theme or mood that you’d want to have your special occasion.

Why not start by serving a deliciously fried lamb samosa, a puff pastry filled with minced lamb meat followed up by a baby goat masala, our tenderly cooked baby goat pieces are cooked in a light gravy and finish it all off with a sweet and soothing dessert to combat all the bold spicy flavors of your main course. Like our rasgullas roundels of creamed cheese served in a sweetened syrup is sure to satiate your sweet tooth. Take a look at a more extensive food menu to see what else we can offer for you and your special event. At Benares Catering we offer the unique flavors of Indian cusine for any special event from weddings, corporate parties, birthday parties, and more. There is no occasion we haven’t catered for.
If you are looking for Indian catering services in New York or New Jersey, Benares can be your go-to for all of your catering needs. Serving you an excellent meal that will leave you and your guests talking about it long after the special day is over. Call us today at (212)967-0400 and see what we can do to make sure your next event is a smash hit!