February 8, 2019

Top Benarasi Dishes To Serve At An Indian Party

The authenticity of Indian food is one that knows no bounds. With a plethora of food options, one can enjoy the banarasi cuisine by hiring Indian caterers in Long Island. One of the most flavorful cuisines of India is the Banarasi(Varanasi) food. Serving this cuisine in your event will definitely impress your guests and take them to the holy waters of the eclectic city of Banaras.

Brushing up on some history, Banaras is the land of evocative watercolors, holy waters, and diverse food. A lot of Indian party caterers offer Banarasi food options that you can serve to your guests. Be it a corporate event or if you are in search of Indian birthday catering services, serving Banarasi food could be the deal-winner for you.

Banaras, earlier known as Varanasi, is one of the most oldest cities in the Indian civilization. It is the holy land of temples, ghats, traditions, and rituals. Another important component of Banarasi cuisine is the Indian paan. Serve your guests with this delicacy as a dessert so they cherish the taste.

At Benaras, along with other authentic and traditional Indian cuisines, we excel in preparing classic Banarasi dishes that you can acquaint your guests with at your event. Our executive chefs will prepare a full-fledged menu that will tingle your taste buds for more. Our extensive menu is a combination of various Indian dishes and flavor palettes emphasising more on the flavors of Western Uttar Pradesh, specifically the city of Banaras.

Below mentioned are the top banarasi dishes that you can ask your Indian party caterer to prepare on your event.

1. Benarasi food combos: You can choose from a wide variety of banarasi food items to serve to your guests. Banaras is famous for its kachori-sabzi combo. This could be served as an appetizer. Other dishes such as bhindi masala, Litti chokha, and laung lata can also be included in the benares food menu.

2. Authentic food medley: Serving traditional food at any event is always a hit. Especially when it is a corporate event. Make your guests experience the Indian food flavors and get mesmerized by the authenticity. Include items like tamatar chaat, chhena dahi badas, bhog bhojan, and the amazing kulhad wali chai.

3. The spice route: Banarasi snacks are one thing that everybody across the globe must try. Whether or not in Banaras, one can always hire an Indian catering service like Benares to get a flavor of the Banarasi spices. Include delicacies like the lassi, golgappe, and chaat in your menu.

4. Soothing desserts: After so much spice, there has to be something that soothes your palette. Banarasi desserts are the most delicious Indian sweet. You can include pedas, makhan malai, and rabri jalebi in the dessert menu, and wrap up the event with the traditional and authentic banarasi paan.

At Benares, we cater according to your choice and preferences of Indian food. We cater for all types of events such as corporate parties, Indian birthday catering, and any other event.